Magic CAPPA Cooling Cloth

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This AMAZING Magic CAPPA Cooling Cloth will keep you cool all day long!! Buy one for your doula bag and your client! Hot Flashes? These work great!! All you have to do is SOAK, SQUEEZE and SHAKE!

Size is approx. 25"L x 12"W

Colors available are Blue and Pink.

Instructions for Care and Keeping:

·       This awesome Magic CAPPA Cooling Towel does not require refrigeration!

·       NEVER put Magic CAPPA Cooling Towel in DRYER!

·       Totally machine and/or hand washable! Use mild soap or detergent.

·       Be sure to rinse Magic CAPPA Cooling Towel after each use.

·       When wet fold the towel and be sure to securely put in any zip-lock bag for safekeeping.

·       DO NOT try to fold the Magic Cooling Towel when dry and stiff.


Instructions for Use:

·       Upon using your Magic CAPPA Cooling Towel for the first time be sure to SOAK wet with water from either tap, fountain, bottled water, etc.

·       Be sure to SQUEEZE the excess water from the towel.

·       Then SHAKE the towel to begin the cooling effects and apply to body.

·       Admire Magic CAPPA Cooling Towel effects!

·       SHAKE every 30 minutes or so to reactivate the cooling effects.

·       Lasts ALL Day!


SOAK     *     SQUEEZE     *     SHAKE     



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