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Beauty of Unconditional Love
Motherhood is...
You Will Carry Them
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Poetic verse on Beauty of Unconditional Love card:

Over the years, you will grow together teaching each other the things that matter the most. Over the years, you will laugh together and share the secrets of your hearts. Over the years, you will learn together and come to see the beauty of unconditional love.

Poetic verse on the Motherhood is... card:

Motherhood is trusting your instincts and knowing that the journey is worth it. Motherhood is believing that you were meant to be a mother.

Poetic verse on the You Will Carry Them card:

You will carry them in your heart and hands. You will protect them with your wisdom and truth. You will guide them with your love and patience. As they grow, you will live to see them become the best parts of you.


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