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CAPPA Academy is a state of the art virtual classroom experience. CAPPA Academy provides the opportunity for students to obtain the highest level of training and education of any perinatal certification organization. As leaders in the perinatal education field, we pride ourselves in offering our members the latest technology. By combining excellent, in-person, evidenced based, standardized trainings with the convenience of the virtual classroom setting, CAPPA now offers unparalleled education for perinatal professionals. As part of our mission to foster and encourage relevant information, support, and training, we are proud to announce the launch of CAPPA Academy, which further demonstrates our commitment to the highest possible standards for all CAPPA members.

CAPPA Academy Certified Childbirth Educator, CCCE - Traditional Program
This online portion of this course and exam is designed for those candidates who wish to enter and complete the Traditional Certified Childbirth Educator Program. All who register for this course must be current members of CAPPA and maintain CAPPA membership throughout certification process and while certified. A lapse in your CAPPA membership will result in your CAPPA Academy account being disabled and a re-enrollment fee will be applied.
This course includes detailed instruction on steps for completion, access to all paperwork necessary for certification and access to the certification exams. As of June 1, 2014 CAPPA Academy will coincide with your training date. Once CAPPA Academy is purchased, you will have access until your certification timeframe is expired. Students will receive their program manual at their Childbirth Educator Workshop, which must be registered for separately.  You must register to take your in person workshop during your 2 year certification period.
The fee for this course includes the entry fee, exam fee, and certification processing fee. It does not include a rush result fee or the fee for the in person workshop. If you have any questions, please email the Executive Director of Childbirth Educator Programs at  Once you register for a course and CAPPA processes your registration fee and enrolls you in CAPPA Academy, there are no refunds. For a clear understanding of the scope of practice of the CCCE please link here
*Please be advised that policies may be changed or adjusted during the course of your certification process.  By enrolling in CAPPA Academy, you agree to abide by these changes.
If you have previously purchased your certification packet and/or processing fee prior to October 1st, 2012, please call the CAPPA office to enter CAPPA Academy with the appropriate fees, based on your previous CCCE certification purchase.


Please make sure you are registered for the correct CAPPA Academy program (traditional / accelerated / dual).


A $30.00 service fee is required for changing programs. 

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