Heart to Heart Parenting

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An empowering book for parents, HEART-TO-HEART PARENTING is much more than just a “how to” book about raising happy and resilient children. It also advocates strongly for parents’ rights to be supported, and to find the greatest joy and pleasure along the way. This book is a map—it makes parenting into an adventure, and the most profound personal growth journey you will ever undertake!

Robin Grille, Australian psychologist with twenty-five years’ experience, brings you unique perspectives on:
  • establishing  a deep connection with your baby and child—long before birth!
  • finding your inner heart-voice—your personal source of parenting wisdom and intuition
  • understanding your baby’s and child’s emotional needs
  • asserting strong boundaries (without punishment, shaming or manipulation)
  • healing ourselves as we heal our children
  • co-operative parenting—the secret to easier and more pleasurable parenting.
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